“The Wet Selfie” :: A Captured Moment

Every now and then I’m going to publish a photo that really captures me and try to explain why.

So, here’s the first story….

Robyn and Tom got married at the beautiful Pencoed House a few weeks back. We were really lucky with the weather that day. It stayed dry long enough for us to get our family group shots done, then it started to bucket down.
Just as the heavens opened, all the guests started hurrying inside trying to escape the rain - nothing unusual there. Not wanting to get my gear wet, I also made a bee-line for the nearest door. I had to stop real quick and grab this photo. Only 3 people didn’t seem to care about the rain. All huddled around the iPhone - they certainly didn’t let the weather ruin their wedding selfie. The woman in the right of the frame? Get me outta here - it’s raining!

I guess the reason I love this picture so much is the fact it portrays different priorities to different
generations / ages. Staying dry was important to the lady on the right. Getting that really important photo for a social network was more important to the younger ones.

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