Hi! I'm Lloyd...

A freelance photographer based in South Wales. I mainly photograph weddings but I also help businesses to market their products online. I'm based out of my studio in Bridgend but travel all over the country.  

I started using the family 2 megapixel camera whilst on holiday as a teenager and got hooked on photography straight away. After the holiday, my camera didn’t leave my hand whilst I taught myself how to use it and started crafting my style. It wasn’t long until a friend asked me to shoot their wedding and fast forward 12 years, I’ve been to over 450 weddings since.

Every wedding is unique. I love telling each couples story with an unobtrusive and documentary style approach, capturing lots of “I didn’t know that happened” moments. I like to wear a suit and blend in, it really helps me achieve my goal of capturing the guests candidly and the stories that unfold. 

I take my camera with me pretty much everywhere I go, I’m constantly inspired by the places and the people around me. I take it every time I travel, I take it when I walk my dogs and even if I’m popping into town to grab some milk. I live and breathe it on a daily basis. Have a scroll through my instagram and check out some of my travel photographs here

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