“Invisible” :: A Captured Moment

A few weeks ago I was sat in the studio having coffee with Catherine & Rob who had
expressed interest in booking me to photograph their wedding. They were looking through an album full of black and white images from Hania & Stu’s fabulous wedding at the Court Colman Manor back in August 2014. The couple were flicking through the pages commenting on how lovely the photographs were and then they stopped at this photograph and were wowed by it. I wondered why this particular image stopped them in their tracks. Rob said to his fiancé “look at all those people.” I still didn’t see it… “Not one single person is looking at Lloyd or his camera.”

I took this photograph during the father of the brides speech. He’d decided to move from the top table and deliver his speech from the middle of the room so everyone could hear him. His hand and his speech are in the corner of the frame and I’m stood literally right next to him for this quick shot. I’d looked at this image multiple times before and never noticed that everyone is totally unaware that I’m taking their photograph. Sometimes at weddings and particularly during the speeches, if you turn your camera on people they shy away.

Everyone sat in the room either didn’t notice me snapping away, OR they’d become
totally comfortable with me being around them. Either way I was pleased that my new client Rob, had identified my unobtrusive style without me saying a word.

Every time I look at this picture now I smile and it’s a nice reminder that I’m doing my job of documenting the day without being noticed.

You can check out the full story of Hania and Stu’s day by watching this slideshow: http://www.lloydwilliamsphotography.com/hania-stu

I’ll leave you with a few more photographs from the speeches….


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