What Is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Your wedding day is probably the biggest day of your life - It's not a photoshoot.

Everyone will tell you how quickly your day goes and you often won't believe them until it happens. I don't want to waste valuable time on your day by doing group shot after group shot. No "Smile at the camera and say cheese" all day long. This tradition of posing for the camera dates back hundreds of years. My style is a very modern approach which is artistic and tells the beautiful story of your day. 

I've been to weddings myself where the photographer literally spends hours bossing and organising your guests around, for them to stand in a line and try their best to smile at the camera. 

My aim is to blend into the background and capture moments as they happen, 100% naturally without any posing. I'm an observer, looking for moments and stories to capture. The last thing I want to do is interrupt the flow of your day. I'll be wearing a suit at your wedding so I can blend in with your guests and capture moments without anyone realising I'm there. 

During the afternoon I spend 20-30 minutes with the bride and groom capturing some portraits. You'll see examples of my natural portraits all over my website.

I often work very close up to the action, using wide angle lenses. When you look back at your photos, that lens choice will make you feel like you're back there at that moment. 

My photographs are about the story, the people, the moments. Capturing smiles and laughter as they happen, rather than asking you to stare at the camera and giving a fake smile. 

Have a look through the different galleries and you should get a great understanding of my style of documentary wedding photography.

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